Wood and wooden design products are always a standard in many homes. Rustic wood, hardwood, and other elements dominate interior decorating trends, replacing many modern products with more natural ones. The thing about wood elements is that they add a certain homey feel to any interior; it’s one of the elements that make a house a home.

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This is where Deconet’s expertise comes in.

Naphtaly Azran, the CEO of Deconet, has been crafting custom woodwork pieces for more than 30 years.

Working with some of the leaders in the design and electronic industries, we have served hundreds of clients in need of expert woodworking products and services. Whether it’s for your home, the office, or wherever you may need it, our skilled craftsmen can turn your ideas into reality.

We hand craft and install the highest quality woodwork and fixtures, with specialty for producing products used in home interiors and film production props.

Start of Something New

Deconet traces its history here in the United States, when Naphtaly planted the company’s seeds and watched it grow more than 13 years ago. Bringing all his creative design and expert craftsmanship experience to the U.S., Naphtaly managed to grow the business and spread its roots, even extending to places as far as Hollywood.

Aside from home and interior wood products, our company also creates customs trade shows booths all over the world, and set decorations for major motion pictures. With our many years of expertise, we are proud to announce we’re able to tackle any project for your home, office, or international exhibit.

Growing to Become Popular

Deconet hand crafts and installs world-classwood work products, specializing in both residential and commercial uses. What sets our company apart is how we do it. From the design and planning, to the finishing touches and ribbon-cutting, you’ll be working with a team of professionals who have extensive background in the industry. Customers can relax knowing that all work completed by the company meets the client’s standards and demands for quality.

You can count on us to deliver the same professionalism and quality in your home, office, or other commercial setting. Our aim is to make you look good, and we prove our value and worth on every project we work on.

Things Wood Become Oak-ay

Our skilled craftsmen can help turn your ideas into wooden reality. Whether it’s fine custom cabinets, original art pieces, custom furniture, a built-in home theater cabinetry, entertainment center, kitchen cabinets, or some other kind of custom woodwork, trust that we can deliver and that everything will be oak-ay.

Warmth, style, and stunning appeal are three pillars of every work we do. You can be sure your project is completely unique and that it incorporates a bit of you into the design. With all this, however, what truly defines our work is the high level of craftsmanship, attention to detail, passion to improve, and commitment to quality that goes into every work.

We have a genuine enthusiasm to take a humble piece of wood and turn it into a masterpiece. Your masterpiece.

Get in touch with us now and let’s start chiseling our way to success.